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Please beware of fraudulent calls for Donation.Khushi Foundation will not be responsible for any donations made in this regard.

The Khushi FOUNDATION is a 100% volunteer based charity organization in India. It is a grass root organization whose aim is to provide education, supplemental food and medical assistance to the most disadvantaged Society and in so doing improve the quality of life for those highly vulnerable people

“Khushi” – means ‘SMILE’. Our name represents our goal as well as our methods. The aim of the KF is to develop local educational programs and medical facilities and in doing so to provide better opportunities for underprivileged children and make their experience of this world a joyous one.

KF also promotes Education and Control of Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases and also Well Being through improving Social, Mental & Physical Health.

Why Khushi Foundation?

Khushi Foundation provides  field support and Documentation Support to the staff of Different National and International Organizations on Institutional Building, Health,Education,Women Empowerment. Khushi Foundation  extended its support activities to 3 states of India – Uttar Pradesh,Madhya Pradesh. Khushi Foundation is also providing Capacity Building support to its clients.

Research and Advocacy

As a resource organisation, Khushi Foundation keeps track of the ground realities to provide a wealth of resources to its client in the development sector. The Research and Advocacy unit is divided into three components - Research, Advocacy ad Communications. Action and applied research is bieng conducted by the unit on various issues and findings from these  studies are then used to design capacity building strategies for its Clients.

Focus Areas

To make the most of its resources, the Khushi Foundation has a sharp focus, clearly defined objectives and a consistent approach to its work. It concentrates on selected issues in health, education, rural development, the environment and the strengthening of civil society.
The Foundation is highly selective in its programme choices. The principal criterion is the potential for bringing lasting benefit to project participants. The Foundation measures its success by what its grantees achieve and the importance of what they have learned for projects elsewhere.

It is equally committed to bringing valuable lessons to the attention of policymakers and others whose decisions affect the lives of the poor.

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Ambulance Facility also Available.

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medical facilities

HIV/AIDS prevention

woman empowerment

water management

supplemental food

medical assistance

aids awareness