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About the Khushi Foundation Development Network

The Khushi Foundation Development Network (KFDN) focuses on health, education, culture, rural development, institution-building and the promotion of economic development. It is dedicated to improving living conditions and opportunities for the poor, without regard to their faith, origin or gender. Khushi Foundation works to improve the sexual and reproductive.

From The Desk of President

It gives me great pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the fastest growing organization. KHUSHI FOUNDATION, which has a diversified portfolio, has created a revolution in the social sector through its innovative methods.

KHUSHI FOUNDATION, has been established as an Organisation whose aim is to provide the most disadvantaged Society with education, supplemental food and medical assistance and in so doing improve the quality of life for those highly vulnerable people.

The KF also indulges in a Medical Research Work with the assistance of Khushi Medical and Research Center under the guidance of our specialized Health Division Experts; As a result several patients got relief from their Chronic Diseases.

“ANMOL” The cloth and Blanket Bank displays social responsibility arm is active in charitable activities to help the underprivileged.

We hope to continue to be at the forefront of the social sector, both in Uttar Pradesh and in India and fully appreciate the continuing support of our Coordinators, advisors, employees, associates and partners. We believe that the real strength of our Organisation lies in our people as they are the most valuable asset we have.

It would be a pleasure for the entire team at KHUSHI FOUNDATION to welcome you for a personal visit and interact with our Counselors and Facilitators to know more and understand our vision and mission.

“We at Khushi Foundation are committed to achieve excellence in services and strive for continuous improvement for providing world-class services and complete satisfaction to those highly vulnerable people”.

With Best Regards

Khushi Foundation’s Approach to Development

Founded and guided by specialized professionals of Health and Development Sector, the Khushi Foundation Development Network (KFDN) brings together a number of development agencies, institutions, and programmes that work primarily in the poorest parts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. While each institution purseus its own mandate, all work together within the overarching framework of the Network so that their different pursuits interact and reinforce one another.

You can help us by Donations

The Khushi Foundation would make a special appeal to those well off fortunate people who care for the healthy and balanced development of society and have compassion in their hearts for the suffering & humanity.

The Foundation is a duly registered voluntary and charitable organization. Cheque and bank draft be issued in favour of "Khushi Foundation" payable at "Lucknow".

Please beware of fraudulent calls for Donation.Khushi Foundation will not be responsible for any donations made in this regard.